Toilet Seat Covers Disposable | 20 Count (2 Packs of 10)


Inspired by air travel, FLYGIENE toilet seat covers disposable are perfect for life on the go to protect you and your family during travel. FLYGIENE toilet seat covers disposable are conveniently packaged into a small travel size pouch containing 10 toilet seat covers individually wrapped small making them perfect travel size toiletries for all your travel accessories for airplane needs. Perfect for trains, buses, cruise ships and many other forms of travel. Our toilet seat covers individually wrapped easily fit in any purse, pocket, wallet, backpack, and more making them must have airplane travel essentials.

Travel size toiletries like these 100% waterproof xl disposable toilet seat cover (protector de inodoro) are conveniently packaged for travel essentials, travel accessories and vacation essentials. These toilet seat covers not only protect (protector de inodoro) but is designed to prevent tearing like most paper flushable toilet seat covers. These disposable xl potty seat covers have an extra larger surface area to cover the entire toilet seat by draping over the toilet seat. Can be used as kids toilet seat covers and also adults. At work, crowded restaurants, hotels, office, travel through congested airports, on planes, trains, ferries, intercity buses, mass transit and passenger rail systems, party, busy city streets or anywhere life takes you, look no further, we got you covered.

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